MMMint Bubble

mmmint bubble

mmmint pronounced “mint” is a modernized, new take on a product that’s centuries old. It has a conspicuous, clean look and packs a punch that most mints just don’t have anymore. The round soft gel capsule look of the product is intriguing, and patrons would say, they’ve never seen anything like it before. mmmint Bubble provides you with minty fresh breath minus the harmful effects of sugar! Our mission is clear: give you a fresh, bold, long-lasting menthol goodness. As much as you don’t deserve bad breath, you also don’t deserve the excess sugar and calories in your diet. So, we made our minty bubbles sugar-free! Our mints are perfect for daily intake and traveling. Freshen up conveniently no matter where your journey brings you. Why the extra M’s in the name? Because that’s the exact sound you’ll make once the outer shell melts in your mouth, giving way to a gush of liquid mint. The fresh flavor stays in your mouth longer. No aftertaste and definitely no residue. Take the bubble as it is or drop one in your tea for an invigorating, mood-enhancing drink. Visit us online

Product Namemmmint bubble
Company NameMMMint Bubble
Product CategoryGum & Mints
Package Net Weight0.007 oz
Item Dimensions0.5" (W) x 0.375" (D) x 1.25" (H)

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