Ferrero USA, Inc.

Tic Tac® Coca-Cola®

An icon meets an icon. The two greatest names in refreshment have teamed up to create limited-edition Tic Tac® Coca-Cola®. Each 1oz pack comes with 60 pieces—each one with that classic Coca-Cola® refreshment. Enjoy one while watching a movie, listening to music, and more. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the Coca-Cola® you love. Tic Tac® Coca-Cola® offers an incomparable taste experience, which combines the refreshment of Coca-Cola® with the iconic taste of Tic Tac® mint. Visit us online

Product NameTic Tac® Coca-Cola®
Company NameFerrero USA, Inc.
Product CategoryGum & Mints
Package Net Weight1 oz
Item Dimensions1.85" (W) x 0.67" (D) x 2.87" (H)

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