Everything Bagel Flavored CashewsPear's GourmetEverything Bagel Flavored CashewsAdd the popular Everything Bagel seasoning to a cashew and what do you get? A savory, bold marriage of premium nuts, seeds and spices. Free from artificial preservatives, flavors, colors.$5.997.00
SnapKellogg CompanySnap'dA thin, crispy snack with the 100% real cheese taste consumers crave inside and out. Available in two new bold, delicious flavors, new Cheez-It Snap is perfect for munching throughout the day and night!$2.092.20
Sahale Snacks Pineapple Rum Cashew Coconut Snack MixSahale Snacks LLCSahale Snacks Pineapple Rum Cashew Coconut Snack MixSahale Snacks Coconut Snack Mix combines the delicious flavor and texture of crispy toasted coconut chips with dry roasted nuts, spices, and dried fruit. Carefully crafted to make everyday snacking a Beyond Ordinary occasion$4.494.50
WavyKellogg CompanyWavyA ridged crisp in craveable flavors that deliver an awesome snacking experience in every iconic can; today's consumers seek unique snacking experiences, these crisps provide the enhanced crunch and bold flavors they want.$2.295.22
Sahale Snacks Cherry Cocoa Almond Coconut Snack MixSahale Snacks LLCSahale Snacks Cherry Cocoa Almond Coconut Snack MixSahale Snacks Coconut Snack Mix combines the delicious flavor and texture of crispy toasted coconut chips with dry roasted nuts, spices, and dried fruit. Carefully crafted to make everyday snacking a Beyond Ordinary occasion$4.494.50
Smokehouse, Honey Chipotle, CheddarA'mond SnacksSmokehouse, Honey Chipotle, CheddarWorlds first Almond based puff! Delicious almond & multi grain puff that contain your daily recommended amount of probiotics in every 1 ounce serving. Almond has the quality and taste of Northern California agriculture.$3.993.00
Air-Popped PopcornConagra BrandsAir-Popped PopcornMade with only 3 premium ingredients: Avocado Oil, French Sea Salt, and Tender White Popcorn Kernels BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Air-Popped Popcorn is a whole-grain and non-GMO treat with 35 calories per cup.$3.494.20
White Cheddar PuffsConagra BrandsWhite Cheddar PuffsAngie's BOOMCHICKAPOP White Cheddar Puffs are a delicious, crunchy, and cheesy snack that give you a lot to smile about - baked, not fried, non-GMO, gluten free, and made with real cheddar cheese. Say Cheese!$3.496.00
Arizona Combo Trays SalsaArizona Beverages USAArizona Combo Trays Salsa'n' ChipsTe gusta la salsa? These snacks combine medium chunky salsa and yummy tortilla chips. Just peel the top off of the super-convenient tray and snack away!$1.794.75
Arizona Nachos Arizona Beverages USAArizona Nachos 'n' Cheese DipThese snacks combine tasty Nacho Cheese and irresistible tortilla chips. The chips are ready to eat or can be popped in the microwave for a delicious and toasty snack.$1.794.75
Biena Snacks Chickpea Puffs/Aged White CheddarBiena SnacksBiena Snacks Chickpea Puffs/Aged White CheddarBiena Chickpea Puffs are a game-changing, plant-based, protein-packed snack with superior taste and nutrition. Each serving has 7 grams plant protein and offers up to 40% fewer net carbs than other leading puffed snacks.$3.993.20
Brewhouse LegendsMount Franklin Foods, LLCBrewhouse LegendsBrewhouse Legends are distinctive snacks inspired by the innovation of craft-brewers who develop flavors without precedent. Our mixologists created these unique snack nut mixes crafted to complement your individual style.$2.995.00
Protein Snack Crackers in Sea Salt flavorTH Foods, Inc.Protein Snack Crackers in Sea Salt flavorThese flavorful, gluten-free crackers are made with 5g of plant-based protein per serving plus more fiber than ever (when it comes to gut health, fiber is a top need when looking for crackers).$3.493.54
Crunchsters Beyond BaconCrunchstersCrunchsters Beyond BaconCrunchsters is an amazingly tasty unique salty snack made from sprouted mung beans that delivers a nutritional package of protein, fiber, and minerals, while deliciously satisfying cravings for a salty snacking indulgence.$4.994.00
Energy Packed Mix Sea Salt, Ranch, Bar-B-QConagra BrandsEnergy Packed Mix Sea Salt, Ranch, Bar-B-QEnergy-Packed Mix is a new and better alternative to trail mix. Our mixes are a cravable and crunchy mix of lentils, kernels, pepitas and chickpeas and come in three great flavors. Made in a peanut and tree-nut free facility.$3.295.00
Sour Cream & Onion Sunflower SeedsConagra BrandsSour Cream & Onion Sunflower SeedsSour Cream & Onion is a top 5 flavor in chips and DAVID, America's Favorite Seed Brand, will be the first to market this top flavor. With 8 grams of protein per serving, our delicious seeds are a perfect anytime snack.$1.995.25
GarlicDE.HI FoodsGarlicIs it jerky? Is it a chip? Only solution is to try it for yourself and decide! Introducing DE.HI Crispy Jerky that eats like a chip. This garlic infused beef chip will surely have you finishing the bag in no time.$3.991.25
Sour Cream and OnionGiant SnacksSour Cream and OnionGIANTS new Sour Cream and Onion Pistachios combine one of the world's favorite nuts with this delicious creamy flavor to create an incredible new snack!$4.994.50
Coconut Bites Salted CocoaWorld Finer FoodsCoconut Bites Salted CocoaGoco Salty Coconut is a healthy and delicious snack made from simple ingredients. Coconuts make the perfect alternative to a candy bar and an are an excellent source of fiber. The rice makes the bites lighter and crisper.$2.991.40
Bamba Peanut Butter PuffsOSEM USA, Inc.Bamba Peanut Butter PuffsBamba is a baked snack containing 50% peanuts with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. 5g of protein/srv, Non GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free. Bamba was part of the LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut allergy) trial!$1.992.50
Intakt Crunchy Cheese- OriginalIntakt SnacksIntakt Crunchy Cheese- OriginalInnovation is change. We invite CRUNCHY CHEESE lovers beyond the traditional flavors. Our natural cheeses are infused with the antioxidants power of original ingredients. Premium quality packaging 1oz ready to go.$3.751.00
Shamrock & Sour CreamKeoghs CrispsShamrock & Sour CreamKeogh's are made from our Irish home-grown potatoes from Crop to Crisp. 100% natural ingredients. The only brand that contains real Irish shamrock. Hand-cooked, small batches on the family farm in Dublin. Carbon neutral.$3.494.40
MadeGood Sweet & Salty Organic Granola BarsRiverside Natural FoodsMadeGood Sweet & Salty Organic Granola BarsThe yin & yang flavor of MadeGood bars. The ideal balance of sweet & salty for times you aren't sure which one you want. With a hint of something like peanut but definitely without peanuts. Hard to describe but easy to love.$16.025.10
ButcherOberto Snacks Inc.Butcher's Cut Bacon JerkyMade from extra lean cuts of pork shoulder, Oberto Butcher's Cut Bacon Jerky is a mouthwatering, thick-cut, and perfectly portable snack. It's also Keto-friendly, with 0g of sugar and 0g of carbohydrates.$6.992.50
Classic Recipe Smoked SausagesOberto Snacks Inc.Classic Recipe Smoked SausagesOberto Classic Recipe Smoked Sausages are smoked for hours and then slow dried to deliver a super smoky and delicious taste. With no artificial ingredients and <1g of sugar, they are a great Paleo-friendly snack.$6.995.00
On The Border Organic Blue Tortilla Rounds chipsTruco Enterprises, LPOn The Border Organic Blue Tortilla Rounds chipsOn The Border Organic Blue Rounds are better for you without the taste compromise. NON-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and amazing. Taste buds rejoice organic chips you will love for texture and taste!$2.788.00
On The Border Organic Purple Cafe Style Tortilla ChipTruco Enterprises, LPOn The Border Organic Purple Cafe Style Tortilla ChipOn The Border Organic Purple Cafe Style chips is the first Organic chip made with our proprietary slow cook process creating a light, bubbly and flake chip in our signature Cafe cut. Good for you now taste good too!$2.788.00
On The Border Snack Size Combo Dip PackTruco Enterprises, LPOn The Border Snack Size Combo Dip PackOn The Border Dip Cup Variety Pack brings you on the go/single-serve solutions for your dipping needs in one pack. With half Queso Dip and half Chunky Medium Salsa, you have endless snacking possibilities in a single pack.$3.6812.00
On The Border Taste of Tajin Hot Truco Enterprises, LPOn The Border Taste of Tajin Hot 'N Spicy Tortilla ChipsOn The Border Taste of Tajin Hot 'N Spicy chips bring the heat you love with a clean label. Made with 7 Simple Ingredients and NO MSG. Our exclusive blend of Tajin seasoning brings you mouthwatering heat made simple.$2.998.00
CheddarThat's How We RollCheddarParmCrisps Cheddar flavor is oven-baked in small batches. Made with premium Wisconsin cheese with the highest standards, this variety is the first in the category to blend aged cheddar for a robust taste keto-fans can crave.$3.491.75
Sour Cream and OnionThat's How We RollSour Cream and OnionParmCrisps Sour Cream & Onion is oven-baked in small batches. Made with premium Wisconsin cheese, this keto-friendly flavor consists of aged parmesan and onion baked in, making a first for the 100% cheese category.$3.491.75
Red Chile Queso Flavored PeanutsPear's GourmetRed Chile Queso Flavored PeanutsInfluenced by Hispanic culture, devoured by all, these cheesy, spicy peanuts are uniquely delicioso. Free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colors.$2.998.00
Butternut Squash Pretzel TwistsReal Food from the Ground UpButternut Squash Pretzel TwistsButternut squash-based pretzels create a fresh take on a familiar snack favorite that is sure to please hungry kids and parents alike. Certified gluten-free and made with vegan, plant-based ingredients.$3.994.50
Cauliflower Cheddar StalksReal Food from the Ground UpCauliflower Cheddar StalksCauliflower-based airy, crunchy stalks satisfy the need for acheesy crunch that's gluten free, GMO-free, and guilt free.$3.994.00
Cauliflower Sea Salt Tortilla ChipsReal Food from the Ground UpCauliflower Sea Salt Tortilla ChipsCauliflower-based grain free tortilla chips featuring cassava flour for the perfect dippable, scoopable, healthier snack chip! A better-for-you twist on a familiar favorite. Certified gluten-free; made with vegan ingredients$3.994.50
Cheesy CrackersRW Garcia Co.Cheesy CrackersRW Garcia Cheesy crackers are the perfect innovation for gluten free living. Made with a unique combination of corn, cheddar cheese, and cassava they deliver a great cheesy crunch. Non-GMO Project verified and made with better-for-you ingredients for a s$4.995.50
Organic Yellow Corn ChipsRW Garcia Co.Organic Yellow Corn ChipsRW Garcia Organic Corn Chips innovate and upgrade this true snack classic. Made with Organic, Non-GMO yellow corn, oil and salt the ingredients are clean and the taste is delightful. Non-GMO Project verified and made with better-for-you ingredients for a $4.498.25
YO-YOSavory Fine FoodsYO-YO'S Snack CrackersWith a market full of Snacks from traditional potato chips to traditional saltines & cheese nips. We bring you YO-YO'S Snack Crackers "Epic Flavor in a Bite Size" Boldly Seasoned Oyster Crackers. The Grown up Snack!$2.491.80
Asiago Black PepperFuller FoodsAsiago Black PepperSerious Cheesy Puffs take "clean eating" to a whole new level. It's the only snack made with Bob's Red Mill corn, real cheese, and non-GMO ingredients. Absolutely NO additives e.g. maltodextrin, yeasts, or natural flavors.$3.993.00
Salt & Pepper Seasoned Pistachio KernelsSetton International Foods, Inc.Salt & Pepper Seasoned Pistachio KernelsWhat better way to enjoy the powerful health benefits of pistachios than by having us shell and season them for you? Authentic blends of spices elevates our family's premium California pistachios to an unexpected indulgence.$3.993.00
Shrooms Sea Salt Crispy Mushroom SnackShrooms SnacksShrooms Sea Salt Crispy Mushroom SnackAuthentic, better-for-you, crispy-crunchy snacks made from fresh, whole mushrooms from our farms. A first of their kind product satisfies salty snack cravings while providing vitamins and minerals essential to balanced diets.$5.992.00
Tajin Cruncy PeanutsCentury SnacksTajin Cruncy PeanutsBringing the taste of Mexico to the U.S., Snak Club Tajin Crunchy Peanuts (Japones), deliver the bold flavor of Tajin chili & lime Clasico seasoning in a crispy coated peanut that delivers a crunch with a zing of flavor.$3.294.00
Tajin Toasted CornCentury SnacksTajin Toasted CornCrisp toasted corn seasoned with the bold flavor of Tajin chili & lime Clasico seasoning, Snak Club Tajin Toasted Corn have brought growth to a declining category. 80% of Corn Nut category growth is driven by this product.$3.294.00
Cuban Mojo Tender Style CracklinsRudolph Foods Co, IncCuban Mojo Tender Style CracklinsWith current dietary trends like the Keto diet, high protein, high fat and low carb are buzz words. Cuban Mojo Cracklins bring flavor back, and has citrus and savory notes with a cracklin crunch!$3.994.00
Hatch Green ChileStryve Biltong SnacksHatch Green ChileStryve's air-dried hatch green chile biltong stick minis is 100% all natural, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and is free from nitrates, gluten and MSG. Also, with double the amount of protein and zero sugar!$19.9916.00
Sriracha Mochi Rice BitesSun Tropics, Inc.Sriracha Mochi Rice BitesCrunchy rice and bold hot sauce in every bite from the birthplace of Sriracha.  A unique salty snack twist on the popular soft Mochi rice dough and ice cream treat. Single-serve snack size.$1.290.75
Plantain TostonesPlantain Republic SAPlantain TostonesThis product is a crouton based in a plantain vegetable without gluten, ready to eat, Non GMO, Vegan and Kosher certification, perfect for salads and a food complement.$1.995.00
Original Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel RingsUnique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.Original Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel RingsSourdough pretzels have existed for generations, but never with Unique's quality. We added real malted barley and a dash of hops to tip our hats to all the brewmasters, inventing the craft beer pretzel ring. Crown your craft!$3.2911.00
Peatos Chili CheeseSnack It ForwardPeatos Chili CheesePeatos are a crunchy puffed snack made from plant-protein pulses. Peatos has twice the protein and three times the fiber of Cheetos per serving and are non-GMO, with no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or added MSG.$2.993.00
Peatos RanchSnack It ForwardPeatos RanchPeatos are a crunchy puffed snack made from plant-protein pulses. Peatos has twice the protein and three times the fiber of Cheetos per serving and are non-GMO, with no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or added MSG.$2.993.00