Checkout Update: Trends & Opportunities for 2022

This session will share new insights from Checkout Update 2022, Impulse Marketing’s annual study on checkout category trends, and provide a first look at Impulse Marketing and IRI’s Checkout Scorecard.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how confectionery and snack trends are impacting total checkout sales and shopper conversion across retailers.


May 24 2022


2:00 pm - 2:50 pm


Destination Front-End


  • Mindy Asper Weith
    Mindy Asper Weith
    Partner, Impulse Marketing

    Mindy Asper Weith is a partner at Impulse Marketing Co. For nearly two decades, Impulse Marketing has helped retailers and brands develop strategies to create a better checkout experience and drive immediate consumption sales. IMC’s analytical approach to merchandising provides retailers and brands with insight into how shoppers transact, what they expect to find at checkout and how best to create holistic solutions that maximize both shopper experience and conversion. An entrepreneur at heart, Mindy has a passion for finding new, innovative solutions for retail challenges as proven by her many roles at early-stage companies as an executive, advisor and founder.

  • Tom McGinley
    Tom McGinley
    Consultant, Client Insights, In-Store Solutions Group, IRI

    Tom McGinley is an in-store solutions group (ISG) consultant at IRI. Tom provides insights and support to help clients understand the merchandising conditions that drive consumer demand and brand performance. ISG focuses on merchandising to uncover opportunities to grow share of space through POS integration and analysis. He brings over 20 years of leadership experience working across multiple CPG industries as a retail buyer, category manager and national account insights manager to drive impactful results at every organization he has been involved in.