Supplier Showcase


Prosperous partnerships start here.

Build a rich network of suppliers to help bring your products to market at the Supplier Showcase. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, May 13, and 9 a.m. to 1 pm. on Tuesday May 14, meet the innovators face-to-face while exploring the latest in packaging, ingredients, equipment, business services and more. Join us at this free, two-day marketplace before the Sweets & Snacks expo floor opens, because it’s never too early to establish connections that pay off for your business.


Anyone can attend the Supplier Showcase! To attend other Sweets & Snacks Expo events, attendees’ roles in the candy and snack industries must be verified. To learn more about qualifications, view our attendee definition and qualification page.

Absolutely. Attendees interested in attending the Supplier Showcase will receive a special badge that will give access only to the Supplier Showcase. Attendees that do not plan to exhibit at or attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo can attend the Supplier Showcase for free.

Individuals who have not registered to attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo can attend the Supplier Showcase, but their badges will not give them access to other show events.

Non-exhibitor attendees will need to register for a separate Sweets & Snacks Expo badge. Supplier Showcase exhibitors will be allotted a number of Sweets & Snacks attendee badges based on the size of their registered Supplier Showcase booth. Additional badges will also be available for purchase.

Sweets & Snacks Expo exhibitors and attendees can use their badge to attend all Sweets & Snacks Expo events, including the Supplier Showcase.


For more information, contact Sweets & Snacks Expo Management:
833.336.3206 ext. 102

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2024 Supplier Showcase Exhibitors

Promotional NameSupplier TypeBooth #
A&B Packing EquipmentPackaging Equipment3326
Adallen NutritionIngredients3316
AhlstromPackaging Supplies3212
Nutra-Agri IngredientsIngredients3227
Panoramic, a Division of Anchor PackagingPackaging Supplies3305
Anderson Advanced IngredientsIngredients3209
ApteanBusiness Services3413
Apura Ingredients Inc.Flavors3107
Axiflow Technologies, Inc.Processing Equipment3129
Bainbridge Associates, L.L.C.Processing Equipment3306
Barrington Packaging Systems GroupPackaging Equipment3526
Batory Sweetener SolutionsIngredients3318
Bedford IndustriesPackaging Supplies3220
Belco Packaging Systems IncPackaging Equipment3531
Bell Flavors & FragrancesFlavors3405
Bellis Food SolutionsBusiness Services3225
BENEO, Inc.Ingredients3327
Berje Inc.Ingredients3308
Billie-Ann Plastics Packaging Corp.Packaging Supplies3139
Bold Maker LLCProcessing Equipment3344
BPM Inc. A Specialty Paper MillPackaging Supplies3406
BrandFirst Creative AgencyBusiness Services3123
Brenntag North AmericaIngredients3428
Burke Candy & Ingredients IncIngredients3151
BW Flexible systemsPackaging Equipment3546
California Cane Sugar IncIngredients3230
California Natural ColorColors3309
Campbell Wrapper CorporationPackaging Equipment3307
Capol LLCIngredients3334
Carton Service CSi, LLCPackaging Supplies3423
Chiligrin LLCIngredients3314
Cleartec Packaging, a Division of MOCAP LLCPackaging Supplies3310
CMG PlasticsPackaging Supplies3217
Colorcon, Inc.Colors3241
ColormastersPackaging Equipment3226
Custom FlavorsFlavors3235
Cybernetik, Inc.Processing Equipment3136
Daabon Organic USA, IncIngredients3425
Daesang America, Inc.Ingredients3154
DatacorBusiness Services3210
Delfin Industrial CorporationProcessing Equipment3336
Delkor Systems, Inc.Packaging Equipment3558
Diamond Fulfillment SolutionsBusiness Services3146
Display PackPackaging Supplies3409
Do-It CorporationPackaging Supplies3408
Dongguan Shenzhen JiechengPlastic Packaging Products Co., Ltd.Packaging Supplies3149
DTG Ltd FinnProcessing Equipment3424
Dynamic 3PLLogistics3547
Eagle Flexible PackagingPackaging Supplies3119
East Coast Warehouse and Distribution CorporationLogistics3445
ECI | DeacomBusiness Services3329
Egan Food TechnologiesProcessing Equipment3458
Erika Record Baking EquipmentProcessing Equipment3435
EurofinsBusiness Services3412
Cashewinformation & SesameinfoBusiness Services3448
FG Market / Flower Shop NetworkBusiness Services3443
First Frontier Logistics Inc.Logistics3125
Flavor Dynamics, Inc.Flavors3345
FlexiBake ERP SoftwareBusiness Services3350
FOCKE & COPackaging Equipment3523
Food Ingredient Solutions, LLCColors3215
FormicProcessing Equipment3550
FST LogisticsLogistics3312
Galeana Valley PecanIngredients3108
Gamer Packaging, Inc.Packaging Supplies3415
Gami s.r.l.Processing Equipment3442
Gateway Food Products CompanyIngredients3348
GEA North AmericaProcessing Equipment3517
Global Organics LtdIngredients3506
Golden PeanutIngredients3449
Green Island PackagingPackaging Supplies3426
Hansa Industrie-Mixer GmbH & Co. KGProcessing Equipment3150
Harvest RightProcessing Equipment3155
Heat and Control Inc.Processing Equipment3234
Henriott Group IncBusiness Services3511
HMG Trading, Inc.Ingredients3518
HuiZhou Xindingli Pack co LtdPackaging Supplies3324
Idaho Milk ProductsIngredients3135
IFC SolutionsIngredients3247
IMA North AmericaProcessing Equipment3142
Indiana SugarsIngredients3420
Ingia Bio IncIngredients3146
Ingredion IncorporatedIngredients3411
Innovative Packaging Solutions Inc.Packaging Supplies3253
InterFlex GroupPackaging Supplies3555
International Food Products CorporationIngredients3519
International Paper Retail Packaging & DisplayPackaging Supplies3162
iVueitBusiness Services3250
Jokey North America Inc.Packaging Supplies3431
Jujin Packaging America LLCPackaging Supplies3525
Kraft Heinz IngredientsIngredients3433
Lacerta Group, LLC.Packaging Supplies3109
Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, Inc.Processing Equipment3249
Leng D’Or Snack FoodsIngredients3414
SEVVALUSA Nut Roasting and Processing SolutionsProcessing Equipment3332
LivetechPackaging Supplies3158
Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KGPackaging Equipment3418
Lugo Nutrition, Inc.Ingredients3262
Mamata Enterprises, Inc.Packaging Equipment3331
MANE, Inc.Flavors3410
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc.Ingredients3427
MarketView ResearchBusiness Services3341
Marroquin Organic InternationalIngredients3134
Masked Owl TechnologiesBusiness Services3429
Matrix PackagingPackaging Equipment3114
Mays Chemical CompanyIngredients3528
MC – The Manufacturing ConfectionerBusiness Services3132
Mercury PromotionsBusiness Services3245
Met Speed LabelPackaging Supplies3228
Snack´s Seasoning by Mexenil USAIngredients3229
Milk Specialties GlobalIngredients3116
Milne Fruit Products, INCIngredients3533
Minipak SASPackaging Supplies3328
MJS PackagingPackaging Supplies3120
Mockups 4 You, LLCBusiness Services3349
MOI Foods USAIngredients3145
Morinaga Nutritional FoodsIngredients3130
MULTIPOND America Inc.Packaging Equipment3101
Murnane CompaniesPackaging Supplies3106
Nexxus FoodsIngredients3441
NIQBusiness Services3450
Norex Flavors & Fragrances LLCIngredients3335
Norte Eurocao USAIngredients3248
NovacartPackaging Supplies3333
NumeratorBusiness Services3115
NURA USAIngredients3527
Nutra Food IngredientsIngredients3462
ObservaBusiness Services3138
ODW LogisticsLogistics3330
Olam Americas, Inc. (ofi)Ingredients3110
Optima MachineryPackaging Equipment3317
ORBIS CorporationPackaging Supplies3243
Packaging Concepts, IncPackaging Supplies3507
Packaging SystemsPackaging Equipment3263
Pakka IncPackaging Supplies3224
Pioneer PlasticsPackaging Supplies3548
PKG Packaging DesignBusiness Services3447
Placer.aiBusiness Services3242
Plex, by Rockwell AutomationBusiness Services3128
Polaris Brand PromotionsBusiness Services3313
Polymerall Flexible PackagingPackaging Supplies3430
Port Jersey LogisticsLogistics3325
PPC Flexible PackagingPackaging Supplies3541
Prosper CashewIngredients3543
PROVA, Inc.Flavors3208
QuanTEM Food Safety LaboratoriesBusiness Services3137
Quest IndustrialPackaging Equipment3112
R.W. Hartnett CompanyProcessing Equipment3557
Raytec Vision S.p.A.Processing Equipment3419
Red Oak LabelPackaging Supplies3213
QAD RedzoneBusiness Services3535
Royal Ridge FruitsIngredients3255
SafetyChain SoftwareBusiness Services3214
Savor SeasoningsFlavors3216
Scala-Wisell InternationalIngredients3549
Sealstrip CorporationPackaging Supplies3231
SeekBusiness Services3205
SGSBusiness Services3121
Shako Flexipack Pvt. Ltd.Packaging Supplies3516
Shick EsteveProcessing Equipment3219
Sierra Packaging & Converting, LLCPackaging Supplies3319
Silesia Flavors, Inc.Flavors3257
Silverpack Sdn BhdPackaging Supplies3454
Sime Darby Oils North America Inc.Ingredients3563
Skjodt-Barrett Foods Inc.Ingredients3223
SMC Corporation of AmericaProcessing Equipment3508
Snack CreationsIngredients3118
Sollich North America LLCProcessing Equipment3407
StayinFrontBusiness Services3347
StoneX Financial Inc. – FCM DivisionBusiness Services3432
Sun ChemicalIngredients3233
Sunny & Sandy Sa De CvPackaging Supplies3416
Sunrise Industrial Development Co., LtdPackaging Supplies3513
SUZYBusiness Services3562
SyndigoBusiness Services3148
Takasago International Corp (USA)Ingredients3545
Target Flavors, Inc.Flavors3232
Taste Expert, IncIngredients3553
TC Transcontinental PackagingPackaging Supplies3207
Teksan Tin HousePackaging Supplies3515
Tin Star Manufacturing LimitedPackaging Supplies3211
TNA North AmericaPackaging Equipment3505
Tomric Systems, Inc.Processing Equipment3206
Top Health IngredientsIngredients3456
Trinity Logistics, IncLogistics3529
Uline Pack LLCPackaging Supplies3343
Utah PaperBoxPackaging Supplies3244
VAC-U-MAXPackaging Equipment3124
Van Drunen Farms/FutureCeuticalsIngredients3236
Viking Masek Packaging TechnologiesPackaging Equipment3520
VPETUSAPackaging Supplies3446
WDS AmericaProcessing Equipment3436
The WEBBER/SMITH Group.Business Services3444
Western Candy ConferenceAssociation3156
Worximity Technology Inc.Packaging Equipment3315
WRH Industries, Ltd.Processing Equipment3323
Wynalda PackagingPackaging Supplies3342
Yaxin Flexible Packaging, Inc.Packaging Supplies3417
Zastro – NetSuite ERP Food EditionBusiness Services3530
Zhejiang WellVast Packing Printing Products CO.,LTDPackaging Equipment3434

List current as of May 12, 2024