Leverage Innovation to Break Through in a Crowded Marketplace

In today’s increasingly crowded confectionery and snacks space, incremental innovation is not enough to move the needle and grow market share. What does it take for companies to unleash their potential and drive actionable innovation that meets consumers’ constantly evolving needs and preferences? From new need states to new consumption opportunities, explore the path to sustainable innovation and how to identify and avoid the organizational barriers that tend to stifle innovation. Attendees will learn about the importance of building and maintaining robust innovation pipelines that look beyond the 3-year horizon and explore tactics that will help identify blue ocean opportunities for your brand to succeed. 


May 24 2023
Expiré !


10:00 am


Phase d'innovation


  • Ted Curtin
    Ted Curtin
    Chief Innovation Officer, ProdigyWorks

    Ted is a strategic brand marketing and innovation leader at ProdigyWorks, a creative ideation and innovation lab that grew out of a partnership with Mensa. ProdigyWorks’ unique approach to outside thinking and sustainable innovation comes from their exclusive global network of High-IQ thinkers, creative geniuses, and industry experts. ProdigyWorks combines the perfect mix of diverse thinkers to accelerate the process of building robust innovation pipelines and discovering breakthrough innovation opportunities for some of the world’s biggest companies and best-loved brands.