Sweets & Snacks Expo Photos & B-Roll:

Nothing helps to tell the story of the Sweets & Snacks Expo better than compelling imagery. Click here to find b-roll footage and photos ready to use for your broadcast and print pieces – and check back frequently, as we will be updating this throughout the show.

Sweets & Snacks Expo By The Numbers:

  • Nearly 250 NEW exhibitors.
  • More than 210,000 square feet of sweet, salty and sour products.
  • More than 800 exhibitors.
  • 16,000 people are expected to attend.
  • The Sweets & Snacks Expo brings about $21 million to the city of Chicago.

Sweets & Snacks Expo Press Releases and Alerts:

The Future of the Sweets & Snacks Expo:

Beginning in 2024, the Sweets & Snacks Expo will cycle through a rotation of two years in Indianapolis followed by one year in Las Vegas until 2032. We look forward to seeing you next year in Indianapolis!

Exhibitor Press Releases:

Are you looking for the latest news on the exhibitors at the Sweets & Snacks Expo? Check out the exhibitor press releases that are updated in real time as the show progresses. For more information, visit Show News.

Official Images & Logos:

John Downs

President & CEO of National Confectioners Association
Host Organization for the Sweets & Snacks Expo