Bakery Shoppe BagMederer U.S.A., Inc.Bakery Shoppe Bagefrutti combines new individually wrapped bakery inspired items to create a new personal variety pack focused on bringing the tea party to life. This new offering broadens the consumer base and brings incremental sales into the category.1.992.7
Nerds Gummy ClustersFerrara Candy CompanyNerds Gummy ClustersNerds Gummy Clusters are brightly colored pieces that offer a cluster of crunchy, tangy, mini-rainbow NERDS with a delightful, fruity gummy center, dual-texture treat.2.998
2.82oz HI-CHEW Plus Fruit Peg BagMorinaga America, Inc.2.82oz HI-CHEW Plus Fruit Peg BagFeaturing Orange & Tangerine and Red Apple & Strawberry, Plus Fruit delivers even more fruit flavor with pieces of real fruit adding to the fruitiest HI-CHEW experience. Every chew contains two unique flavors combined into a fruit flavor explosion.2.592.82
Push Pop®  Gummy RollBazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps CompanyPush Pop® Gummy RollNew Push Pop® Gummy Roll brings an all-new eating experience to gummy candy! With its interactive packaging, kids will have a blast as they Pull, Press, Push™ out their perfect piece of sanded gummy candy. Great for save for later and on-the-go enjoy1.891.4
Funtastic MixHaribo of America, Inc.Funtastic MixTalk about a party! HARIBO Funtastic Mix turns up the fun with a merry medley of unique characters like race cars, robots, chameleons, & more! With so many fun shapes, textures, color and flavor combinations - every bite is a fun-filled adventure!1.695
Rainbow WormsHaribo of America, Inc.Rainbow WormsIntroducing HARIBO Rainbow Worms! These squigly, wiggly worms are as irresistible as they are cute! Their playful shape makes them perfect for eating whole or chomping your way through the lemon, strawberry, and black currant sections!3.499
Ultimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™Albanese ConfectioneryUltimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™Ultimate Gummies have elevated the tasting experience by using our signature texture, innovative flavors that take flavor profiles to the ultimate level, and trending attributes of natural flavors and colors from real fruits & vegetables.2.997.75
Aprati Frutati Assorted Hard CandyAmerican Licorice CompanyAprati Frutati Assorted Hard CandyInfluenced by unique Southeast Asian fruits, the Aprati® Frutati® hard candy assortment offers the consumer a new and exciting flavor adventure, with fusions of Blueberry Yuzu, Pineapple Passionfruit, and Green Apple Mango.4.599
AriZona Tea Fruit SnacksArizona Beverages USAAriZona Tea Fruit SnacksAmerica's #1 Green Tea is now available in a mixed fruit snack. AriZona Green Tea Fruit Snacks are available in in a multi serve 10 pack /.9oz box. The mixed bag contains the Original Green Tea Flavor, Apple, Mandarin Orange and Plumberry.3.299
Oreo®  Caramel Creams®Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.Oreo® Caramel Creams®A New Twist on the Classics. Caramel Creams® made with OREO® cookie pieces. Goetze’s Candy took their classic caramel & cream formula that has been loved by generations and added OREO® cookie pieces. It is like eating a chewy OREO® cookie.0.991.9
Oreo® Cow Tales®Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.Oreo® Cow Tales®A New Twist on the Classics. Cow Tales® made with OREO® cookie pieces. Goetze’s Candy took their classic caramel & cream formula that has been loved by generations and added OREO® cookie pieces. It is like eating a chewy OREO® cookie.0.331
Fruit-tella Soft GummiesPerfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.Fruit-tella Soft GummiesWith fruit puree at its #1 ingredient, and using pectin vs gelatin, Fruit-tella Soft Gummies offer a unique, fun and fruity candy experience. Consumers are raving on ecommerce and research shows high incremental sales potential for the category. 2.55
Funable Twistables Fruit Snack RopesFerrara Candy CompanyFunable Twistables Fruit Snack RopesFunables Twistables Fruit Snack Ropes has two different fruit-flavored strands wrapped around a chewy, center rope. Each bite is filled with real fruit juice, vitamin C and a flavor twist of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.2.696
Z!NG Sour KicksHaribo of America, Inc.Z!NG Sour KicksGive your tastebuds a kick with the new HARIBO Z!NG Sour Kicks! These unique gummies boast super sour flavors like orange, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, and white grape. Plus, no more sour-coating so your shoe-game stays clean!1.694.5
11.65oz HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Stand Up PouchMorinaga America, Inc.11.65oz HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Stand Up PouchFruit Combos is back with a new consumer-voted HI-CHEW Flavor Games winner, Strawberry Lemonade! Joining fan-favorite flavors Pina Colada and Tropical Smoothie, every chew is double-layered with two fruit flavors to bring the summer classics to life.6.9911.65
3.17oz HI-CHEW Berry Mix Peg BagMorinaga America, Inc.3.17oz HI-CHEW Berry Mix Peg BagWith the growing demand for berry flavors, HI-CHEW is offering a new Berry Mix Bag. Featuring Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Blueberry, HI-CHEW Berry Mix offers three mouthwatering, juicy flavors that perfectly match your favorite seasonal berries.2.593.17
Jelly Belly® Gummies™ SoursJelly Belly Candy CompanyJelly Belly® Gummies™ SoursJelly Belly puts a new spin on their classic jelly bean shape with five true-to-life flavors in bite-sized bean-shaped gummies. Aside from their great taste, they are also vegan and are made with non-GMO ingredients and colors from natural sources.2.497
Low Sugar Gummy BearsAmerican FoodsLow Sugar Gummy BearsOur plant-based, low sugar gummy bears contain only 3g of sugar per 50g package. These naturally flavored gummies are made with real fruit juice and taste so amazing you won't miss the extra calories. Cheer up, sugar down!1.991.76
Astro BlastersPink PandaAstro BlastersEach 1.8oz bag of sour Astro Blasters has only 90 calories and 2g of sugar while retaining FULL taste and texture. Focusing on taste first, we attract die hard gummy fans AND health conscious consumers resulting in an increased basket size.2.491.8
Treasure ChewsPink PandaTreasure ChewsEach 1.8oz bag of Treasure Chews has only 90 calories and 2g of sugar while retaining FULL taste and texture. Focusing on taste first, we attract die hard gummy fans AND health conscious consumers resulting in an increased basket size.2.491.8
Red Vines Made Simple Black LicoriceAmerican Licorice CompanyRed Vines Made Simple Black LicoriceRed Vines Made Simple black licorice is a modern twist on a classic favorite. Made with natural colors, natural flavors, real cane sugar & non-GMO ingredients, this flavor aligns with better-for-you snacking trends. Available in a 4oz tray1.994
Skittles GummiesMars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLCSkittles Gummies• Introducing new SKITTLES® Gummies, an exciting pop-able gummy candy sure to satisfy cravings with a burst of fruit flavor. Available in the Original Five Fruity Flavors and Wild Berry varieties, SKITTLES® Gummies offer the same intense fruit flavor2.495.8
SweeTARTS Chewy FusionsFerrara Candy CompanySweeTARTS Chewy FusionsSweeTARTS Chewy Fusions are multi-texture soft chewy candies with a thin candy shell with crunchy candy bits inside surrounding a soft chewy center. Includes 5 delicious flavor combinations in every pack1.295
Gummi-Snaps Wild Berry FlavorsAmerican Licorice CompanyGummi-Snaps Wild Berry FlavorsTorie & Howard’s Innovative new Gummi-snaps™ USDA Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, Gelatin Free, Organic Colors & Flavors, Kosher. Chewy Gummy center with a crunchy hard shell. Flavor assortments; Wildberry & Tropicals 3oz peg.3.993
Giant Bank with Assorted CandiesCandy DynamicsGiant Bank with Assorted CandiesCandy Dynamics is excited to release our newest product: the Toxic Waste® Giant Bank™ with assorted sour candies and puff stickers! This keepsake bank is the perfect gift for any kid who loves Toxic Waste Sour Candy!9.995.86
Trolli Sour Bursting CrawlerFerrara Candy CompanyTrolli Sour Bursting CrawlerTrolli Bursting Crawlers are a sour gummi worm containing a burst of sour fruity liquid. This is Trolli’s classic sour gummi worm with a dual-texture, each piece is dual-textured and dual-flavored.1.294.25
Jelly Chilli PeppersVidal Candies USA, Inc.Jelly Chilli PeppersHot & Sweet.. the perfect treat! Can you handle it? Triple deposit Chilli Pepper shaped jelly with a Hot chili cherry flavor with a soft pectin center.0.993.5
Spicy MangosVidal Candies USA, Inc.Spicy MangosOur Award-winning Spicy Mangos are now available in an 8oz gusset bag. You can take these spicy mangos flavored triple deposit jelly anywhere. A fresh and spicy bite every day!1.998
Wild Sour RaspberriesVidal Candies USA, Inc.Wild Sour RaspberriesWildest pick of the Bunch !!! Try one and go “berry” wild! Triple deposit Raspberry shaped jelly with Wild Raspberry flavor and a sour coating!!! Great crunch with a soft pectin center……. Watch it’s Tongue painter effect!!0.993.5
Organic Chewys 5ozYumEarthOrganic Chewys 5ozYumEarth introduces NEW Organic Chewys! An Allergy Friendly take on the classic fruit chews. These tasty vegan treats are packed with flavor and free from the top 8 allergens, GMO's and artificial dyes - so everyone can enjoy!4.995
Thomas MorseZolli Candy - The Clean Teeth CandyThomas MorseZolli Ball Popz are delicious, zero sugar, vegan, KETO, gluten-free, allergy free, diabetic friendly natural lollipops that clean your teeth. High margin. Incremental. Media & marketing. Zolli is candy everyone can enjoy! Keep smiling!0.690.5