ExhibitorBrandProductInnovation StatementPriceWeightPhotoAward
Amos Sweets Inc.Amos PeelerzGummy Mango 1. Peelerz gummies are peelable, replicating a real fruit experience.
2. The mango core contains real fruit juice, providing consumers with the sensation of tasting a real mango.
3. The elastic outer skin is also edible and tastes like real fruit.
4. Mango Peelerz are the most viral gummy on TikTok!
3.496 oz2024 Winner
Morinaga America, Inc.HI-CHEW®Dessert Mix Peg BagHI-CHEW® Dessert Mix Peg Bag showcases beloved dessert-inspired flavors to take your taste buds on a decadent journey! The mix includes three mouthwatering flavors: citrusy Key Lime Pie complemented by hints of graham cracker, Strawberry Ice Cream, a classic nostalgic treat, and bright Candy Apple.3.593 oz2024 Finalist
Morinaga America, Inc.HI-CHEW®Gummies Sour MixPucker up and experience the mouthwatering HI-CHEW® Gummies Sour Mix! Covered in a sour coating with a chewy exterior and jelly-like interior, HI-CHEW Gummies Sour Mix brings a fun, new bouncy texture to flavors you know and love. Try the tart Green Apple, tangy Pineapple, and juicy Watermelon!3.294.24 oz2024 Finalist
Just Born Quality ConfectionsMIKE and IKE® Mega Mix Sweet or SourMIKE AND IKE® Mega Mix Sweet or Sour: Mega Me Up™! This summer, find out if you're on team #sweet or #sour with new, *Limited Time Only* MEGA MIX Sweet or SOUR fruity, chewy candies. 1.54.25 oz2024 Finalist
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.Albanese World's Best®True to Fruit American Favorite FruitsWe captured the essence of America's favorite fruits to boldly craft the True to Fruit™ sensation. These true to fruit flavors unfold like fresh fruit picked at the peak of ripeness. Experience the flavors you know and love in a way that could only be the World's Best. 3.497.75 oz2024 Finalist
PIM Brands, Inc.Sour Jacks® Blue Raspberry Sour WedgesNEW Blue Raspberry Sour Jacks® truly has it all – sour sharpness plus the sweet depth of berries. Sour Jacks® unique wedge shape is unlike any other candy! Perfectly bite-sized, chewy, and covered in sour sanded goodness, your taste buds will thank you! Available in 5oz bag.2.495 oz
Jelly Belly Candy CompanyJelly BellyBoba Milk Tea Jumbo CupFind joy in the new 10.5oz Boba Tea Jumbo Cup, featuring signature Boba Milk Tea Jelly Belly® jelly bean flavors: Matcha Milk Tea, Mango Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea, and Taro Milk Tea. Dive in – our reusable cup includes a straw for easy sipping of your favorite beverage!1610.5 oz
Frankford Candy LLCDisneyCharacter Gummies with Real Fruit JuiceFor the first time ever, introducing Disney character shaped gummies into your candy aisle! Featuring beloved Disney characters, each delicious fruit flavor candy is crafted with real fruit juice and boasts a delightfully soft texture that kids and kids at heart will surely savor. 1.994 oz
Ferrero North AmericaTic TacChewy! Fruit AdventureNew Tic Tac Chewy! The first chewy candy from the iconic Tic Tac brand that will bring younger consumers into a new fruity fun experience. Double the size, double the texture: Crunchy outside & Chewy inside! Available in 2 assortments with 5 fruity flavors and made with colors from natural sources.3.997 oz
LUPY LUPS !LUPY LUPS !Cotton Candy Magic Floating Puff Balls Prepare to be enchanted by our Magic Floating Puff Balls, each with tantalizing flavors a rainbow of colors, green apple, blue raspberry, purple grape, pink strawberry, and yellow banana. But what truly sets apart is their remarkable ability to float effortlessly on cold drinks.6.996.3 oz
Kervan Gida San Ve Tic A.S.BebetoCrunch It Freeze Dried Peach RingsIndulge in the unique, delightful crunch of Bebeto Freeze Dried Peach Rings. Each 3 oz bag is bursting with the sweet, gourmet candy experience that redefines traditional gummy snacks. The perfect blend of sweetness and crunch, this snack is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor.6.993 oz
Amos Sweets Inc.Amos 4DDual Texture Gummy Blocks - Mixed Fruit1. It can be used to build your favorite shapes, similar to Lego blocks, and can be used for family education and parent-child interaction.
2. Each piece of candy is composed of marshmallows and gummies. Each pack has four flavors-white grape, passion fruit, strawberry and mango.
1.993.53 oz
American Licorice Company Sour Punch® Enchanted Forest Shapes Hanging BagSour Punch® Enchanted Forest Shapes offer 4 tried-and-true flavors in an assortment of whimsical shapes: flowers, mushrooms, fairy wings, butterflies, and gnome hats. Tastebuds will be charmed by strawberry, lemon, watermelon & grape flavors coated in Sour Punch’s signature sour blend.2.496.5 oz
TrendyTreatsTrendy TreatsFreeze Dried Globos Blue RazzIgnite retail success with Trendy Treat's Freeze Dried Globos in Blue Razz flavor – the world's FIRST original freeze-dried candy! Blue razz bliss in a crunchy, fizzing marvel. Captivate new consumers, dominate the category, and boost sales. It's not just candy – it's an irresistible experience!81.15 oz
SweetyTreatyCoSweetyTreatyCo.Freeze Dried Gummy HamburgersOur Freeze-Dried Gummy Hamburgers are a flavor-packed fruity treat. They are one-of-a-kind in the popular and trending freeze-dried candy category. The freeze-drying process transforms the once gummy and chewy treat into a unique texture that is crunchy, crispy, light, and airy. 6.992 oz
HARIBO of America, Inc.HARIBOGoldbears Wild BerryIntroducing new HARIBO Wild Berry Goldbears! The iconic Goldbears consumers know and love now comes in bursts of berry flavors: Blueberry, Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry and Wildberry. Inspired by consumers' love of fruity flavors, Wild Berry Goldbears are the perfect treat any time of the year.1.294 oz
Amos Sweets Inc.Amos 4DGoldfish Gummy - PeachThe Goldfish Gummy is a new product.
1.The world's first 360° three-dimensional shaped goldfish candy.
2.It has a liquid filled interior with 20% real fruit juice.
3.Each candy weighs 9 grams and is 45 millimeters long.
4.The Goldfish candy symbolizes bringing good luck to the consumer.
1.52.1 oz
Better SourBetter SourGuava Calamansi Ume Sour Gummy CandyInspired by bright, tropical fruits that are popular across the Hawaiian Islands: citrusy calamansi, tart guava, and tangy ume plum! 100% plant-based with only 60 cal/3g sugar per bag and made with all-natural ingredients, free from any artificial colors or flavors, our candy is also gluten-free.3.991.8 oz
American Licorice CompanySour Punch® Gummies Hanging BagVenture on a gummy candy voyage like no other with new Sour Punch® Assorted Gummies! These soft and chewy delights will send your taste buds soaring with four zesty flavors: grape, lemon, strawberry, and blue raspberry. Available in a 6.75oz hanging bag and 8-count DRC.2.496.75 oz
Morinaga America, Inc.HI-CHEW®Gummies Original MixExplore the greatness of HI-CHEW® Gummies Original Mix! Chewy on the outside with a jelly-like interior, HI-CHEW Gummies pack all the immensely fruity flavor you know and love into a fun, new bouncy texture. Try the succulent Peach, delightfully tropical Mango, and fan-favorite Strawberry!3.294.23 oz
FerraraNerdsGummy Clusters – Berry Punch RushIntroducing NERDS Gummy Clusters Berry Punch Rush! A rookie flavor combination will take the field for NERDS this season. Experience the ultimate fruity showdown as tangy berry, punch, and raspberry Nerds surround a sweet gummy center. 68 oz
FerraraNerdsGummy Clusters – Grape Strawberry BlitzIntroducing NERDS Gummy Clusters Grape Strawberry Blitz! This limited-time treat brings NERDS’ hall of fame flavor combination to NERDS Gummy Clusters fueling a fruity rivalry, teaming crunchy, tangy, grape and strawberry Nerds with a sweet gummy center. 68 oz
FerraraSweeTARTSGummy Halos Blue Punch, Strawberries & CreamSweeTARTS® Gummy Halos: soft, chewy ring-shaped gummies bursting with sweet & tart flavors! Experience the heavenly taste of soft and fluffy gummy, with two flavors in each bite: Blue Punch and Strawberries & Cream. Each gummy ring features SweeTARTS’ signature colors of Blue and Pink4.6911 oz
Velondi Brands Inc.GupperzGummy Liquid Filled Popperz - Poppin' Pickles**To easily open the individual gummy shell, it is recommended to squeeze in from the sides to pop it open**

Gummy Liquid Filled Candy - Sweet Pickle flavored gummy candy with juicy sour pickle flavored candy center. Peg Bag of 4 individually packed Gummies. 12 bags per display.
3.992.54 oz
Flix CandyJet PuffedGummy Peg BagEverybody's favorite marshmallow brand now in gummies! With an assortment of marshmallow flavors in each bag Jet Puffed gummies are the lightest and fluffiest way to make a moment special.2.995 oz
Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.Cow Tales®Honey Bun 1oz, 36ct.Chewy, Honey Bun flavored caramel with a cream filled center. A new twist on America’s favorite pastry, Honey Bun Cow Tales® are soft, golden and made with real dairy milk. Prepared with hints of cinnamon and nut free, these Cow Tales® are perfect for on-the-go & school snacks or a late-night treat.0.536 oz
Crazy CandyAndersen's Crazy CandyLemon BurstsOh baby, get ready for a burst of flavor with our freeze-dried Lemon Bursts! Picture this: a melt-in-your-mouth, cotton candy-like white center surrounded by a crunchy, sour lemon outer shell. It's a taste sensation that's pure magic! You'll adore every bite of these delicious treats.7.993.3 oz
FerraraLemonheadLemonhead RopesLemonhead, the brand known for its iconic and refreshing lemon flavor, now brings consumers a modern new format of their favorite citrus candy – ropes! These bright yellow chewy ropes have a tart filling delivering a mouth-puckering citrus flavor that will keep consumers coming back for more.1.895 oz
Mars Wrigley North AmericaSKITTLESLittlesSKITTLES® Littles are bursting with the same five iconic fruity flavors of SKITTLES Originals in tiny form, including strawberry, lemon, lime, grape and orange flavors. The smaller, more poppable experience makes it even easier to enjoy on-the-go. 2.291.9 oz
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.Albanese World's Best®Lower Sugar 6 Flavor Gummi BearsWhen it comes to treating yourself, never settle for less. The only thing "less" about these gummies is the sugar. They're packed full of flavor and have the same soft texture you've come to expect from the World's Best. Go ahead and boost your expectations, for your gummies and for your goals.3.291.76 oz
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.Albanese World's Best®Lower Sugar Mini Gummi WormsWhen it comes to treating yourself, never settle for less. The only thing "less" about these gummies is the sugar. They're packed full of flavor and have the same soft texture you've come to expect from the World's Best. Go ahead and boost your expectations, for your gummies and for your goals.3.291.76 oz
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Whirly PopMega StickCount goods trending at retails means fast sell throughs!

Cream filled rope with unique Whirly Pop flavor that consumers love! Mega format is popular with today's young consumers! $.50 cost means promote at 2/$1.79. Filled chewy candy is SUPER HOT & TRENDING!
1.490.92 oz
Iconic CandyDaily-COrange RollWhether you seek an immunity boost or simply crave a delightful treat, Daily-C is here to deliver an unforgettable experience. With an impressive 100mg of Vitamin C packed into each piece, Daily-C provides a delicious and nutritious way to support immunity that the whole family can enjoy.1.491.3 oz
American Licorice CompanyRed Vines® Original Red & Buttered Popcorn Twists Tray Take the movie theater experience home with Red Vines® Movie Mix Twists. Enjoy two flavors in one tray: buttered popcorn and classic Original Red. Available in a 5oz tray with 9-count caddy.1.595 oz
Crazy CandyAndersen's Crazy CandyPeach PuffsPrepare for a trip to peach heaven with our freeze-dried Peach Puffs – the ultimate upgrade from ordinary gummy peach rings! Your first bite is a ticket to pure bliss, and trust us, stopping at just one is nearly impossible.7.992.4 oz
LUPY LUPS !LUPY LUPS !Pickle with Chamoy Cotton CandyWe challenge notions of sweetness by infusing the tangy zest of pickle with the fiery allure of chili chamoy. The result? An unforgettable flavor explosion! But what truly sets it apart is its magic ability to float on cold drinks, delivering an indulgent experience with every bite.3.995 oz
BEHAVE CandyBEHAVE CandyRaspberry Apple Pineapple Sour StarsBEHAVE is the first low-sugar, clean label candy that doesn’t spike blood sugar. We combine the magic of chefs and food science to bring you the perfect gummy. Our Sour Stars are the perfect combination of juicy raspberry, classic green apple and tropical pineapple. 3.491.8 oz
American Licorice CompanySour Punch® Scorchin’ Straws TrayTastebuds will tingle when tasting new Sour Punch Scorchin’ Straws! Coated in Sour Punch’s signature sour blend and iconic straw form, Scorchin’ Straws offer a mix of sour, heat, and sweet with 4 spicy, fruity flavors: Spicy Watermelon, Chili Lime, Fiery Mango, and Piping Pineapple.2.494.5 oz
Promise ConfectionsPearson’s Candy CompanySkippy Bite-Sized Salted Nut RollIndulge in our Skippy Peanut Butter Salted Nut Roll, meticulously crafted with roasted peanuts, scratch-made caramel, and a creamy peanut butter center. Bite-sized and bursting with peanuts and protein! Gluten-free, no artificial flavors, ever!9.9924 oz
Perfetti Van Melle North AmericaAirheadsSour Bars 5-Bar Checkstand PackNew SOUR Airheads Bars in 3 mouthwatering flavors! Each bar offers the perfect amount of sour flavor that lasts through the entire chew. Ideal for those seeking unique flavor combinations with the perfect balance of sweet & long lasting tart sour.1.492.75 oz
Vidal Candies USA, Inc.VidalSour Bites "Watermelon & Lime"Mouth watering Vegan gummi Sour Bites. Full of flavour and yet apt for VEGAN consumers as well as containing Natural Colors and Flavors. They come in a dual flavor format and packed in a 3.5oz Peg bag. WOS Taste Exposion!1.993.5 oz
FerraraTrolliSour Brite Squad (Blackberry/Lime, Strawberry-Lemonade, Raspberry/Orange)Level up your taste bud game! NEW Trolli® Sour Brite Squad unleashes three unique crawler shapes in dual-flavor combinations: blackberry-lime, raspberry-orange, and strawberry-lemonade. Devour the sour trio for a thrill in every bite!1.994.25 oz
LUPY LUPS !LUPY LUPS !Sour Challenge Cotton CandyThis ultimate adventure challenges you and your friends into the boundaries of sour. A journey through five flavors, each offering a unique level of sour intensity. For those brave souls seeking a more intense sour experience. The challenge starts sweet and ends freaking sour. 3.995 oz
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Whirly PopSour GummiesNew shape, flavors & colors! These flavors really POP! Whirly Pop brand is instantly recognizable & the iconic lollipop shape makes this a WINNER! 6 flavor assortment means these are great for sharing! Sour category remains HOT & accounts for nearly 30% of non-chocolate chewy sales!4.997.5 oz
RottenRottenSour Gummy WormsMade with 60% less sugar and zero artificial ingredients, each bag of Sour Gummy Worms is designed to strap rocket skates to your tongue and blast you on a bonkers thrill ride of taste and texture. Rotten's 90s gross-out inspired branding helps it attract a brand new customer to the BFY candy set.3.991.8 oz
Perfetti Van Melle North AmericaChupa Chups Sour Lollipops Peg BagChupa Chups, the World's #1 Lollipop Brand, is bringing the power of sour to lollies with NEW Chupa Chups Sour! Get your perfectly balanced sour fix in Strawberry, Lemon, and Green Apple flavors - on a stick! Now also available in a peg bag.1.994.2 oz
Sour Tooth LLCSour ToothSour Pineapple BeltsPineapple lovers; your search is over! This sour belt is for you. If you're not in the mood to slice and dice the real thing, then just rip open one of our Sour Pineapple Belts bags!4.994 oz
IsseiIsseiSour Watermelon Mochi GummiesA delightful combination of tangy and sweet flavors that tantalize the taste buds. The initial burst of sourness gives way to the juicy taste of watermelon, creating a unique and enjoyable flavor experience.4.991.76 oz
Zolli Candy - America's Healthy CandyZaffi Taffy by ZolliSour Zaffi Taffy Blue RaspberrySour Zaffi Taffy Fruit Chew bars are bursting with mouth-watering natural fruit flavors and high in Vitamin C. Zaffi Taffy is Parent-, Teacher-, and School-Approved ZERO sugar, dye-free, allergy-friendly chewy candy everyone can enjoy! Zolli is a Women-Owned, Cause-Based Business. Keep Smiling! 0.991 oz
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Sour PunchTaffy ChewsPowerhouse brand - Sour Punch has instant recognition with young consumers! Top selling flavors - Strawberry, Green Apple & Blue Raspberry - assortment speeds sales velocity!
Truly unique Sour Taffy Chews means there's nothing like it in the set! Mini bar format is perfect for portion control!
3.997 oz
IsseiIsseiTangerine Mochi GummiesThese delightful Tangerine Mochi Gummies combine the refreshing essence of tangerine with the soft, chewy texture of traditional mochi for an unforgettable snacking experience. Enjoy the chewy texture and natural sweetness of tangerine in each bite.4.991.76 oz
SmartSweetsSmartSweetsTropical Sours GummiesEnjoy a taste of the tropics with Tropical Sours candy! A mix of three delicious flavors per bag: Lime Twist, Tropical Punch & Pineapple Paradise.3.291.8 oz
Mederer of North America, Inc.efruttiWatermelon Splash These liquid-filled Watermelon Splash gummies replicate the sweet flavor, smell, and look of the beloved fruit. With their unique design, they deliver a juicy watermelon flavor through their foam outside and liquid center and satisfy the consumers' need for a full-flavored fruity candy.3.992.6 oz
TiDBiTS CandyTiDBiTS CandyWild Berry GummiesTiDBiTS low-sugar gummies are crafted using real fruit juice and prebiotics. With only 4g of sugar and 60 calories per bag, TiDBiTS provides a guilt-free indulgence that satisfies sweet cravings without compromising on wellness.2.991.4 oz