ExhibitorBrandProductInnovation StatementPriceWeightPhotoAward
Nomad SnacksNomad SnacksRamen PopcornSavory and delicious , ramen-flavored ready-to-eat popcorn5.994 oz2024 Winner
Pork King GoodPork King GoodAppley Cinnamon Flavored Pork RindsPork King Good's Appley Cinnamon Pork Rinds are the sweet & salty mashup that you never knew you needed! Heavy on flavor and with a melt-in-your-mouth texture unlike any other brand on the market, our Appley Cinnamon Pork Rinds are an addictively delicious, low carb and gluten free sweet treat!3.993 oz2024 Finalist
General MillsChex MixChex Mix Remix Zesty TacoRemix your craving with Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco! Chex Mix Remix delivers complex and intense layers of flavor to create a more exciting eating experience for new eating occasions. Its thematic flavor pieces build a more engaging way to enjoy “craveable” consumer favorites (like Tacos)!4.294.25 oz2024 Finalist
Hain CelestialGarden Veggie SnacksFlavor Burst Tortilla Chips, Zesty RanchFrom the makers of Veggie Straws, Flavor Burst is the FIRST kid-loved, parent approved flavored tortilla chip; addressing an unmet need for family fun tortilla chips. Most BFY tortilla options are adult focused. Flavor Burst is certified GF & combines veggies, non-GMO corn with no artificial flavors3.996 oz2024 Finalist
Big Dipper Food CompanyPopCrunchPeanut Butter w/Pretzels The perfect pairing of pretzel-infused peanut butter coated on to a scrumptious, crunchy caramel popcorn center - a sweet treat with a PopCrunch that's sure to satisfy.3.996 oz2024 Finalist
Our HomeYOU NEED THISZesty Ranch FriesPlay it cool & get zesty with YOU NEED THIS’ Zesty Ranch Fries. Made for Gen Z & Millennials, our fries serve ridiculously good taste at a great value WITHOUT junk. Zesty Ranch Fries are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and fill the gap in the category for an easy-to-eat social snack.3.995.5 oz2024 Finalist
Cactus FoodsCactus Foods Cactus Crunch Chips Sea Salt Cactus Crunch Chips are a unique tortilla chip crafted with the prickly pear cactus, a resilient and sustainable plant, along with spinach and flaxseed. These innovative chips offer a tantalizing blend of flavor, texture, and sustainability, making them a standout choice in the snack aisle.4.395 oz
El ArroyoEl Arroyo16 oz Salsa - MediumThe secret to our salsa lies in the artful preparation of our ingredients, each one meticulously fire-roasted to perfection. But that's not all - we take it one step further by offering 18 different jars of our signature restaurant salsa, each featuring a unique marquee sentiment.5.4916 oz
Jail Breaker Brands Potato ChipsJail Breaker BrandsCell Boss Blend Potato ChipsJail Breaker Potato Chips make a run from the ordinary to deliver "Flavor so good, it should be illegal." The perfect blend of sweet, heat, and ripple crunch creates a tasting journey that changes and evolves through each bite. Don't let our black and white striped bag get away from you!1.893 oz
Sweet G's BakeryDrinkin' BallzCheddar Bacon Ranch Drinkin BallzOur savory and salty cheese balls are packed with flavor. These are not your kids cheese balls. They go great with all types of beverages. Whether you are having drinks with your friends or enjoying a glass of iced tea our crunchy ballz will satisfy your cravings. Flavored by hand in small batches.5.994.5 oz
The Daily CraveThe Daily CraveCrunchy Fries, Sea SaltMade with non-GMO potatoes, gluten-free, kosher and plant-based! These Crunchy Fries are ready-to-eat, giving you about 60 pieces per serving . You can warm these up in the microwave and enjoy them with your favorite sandwich, entree, dip or toppings. They are ALWAYS crunchy and NEVER soggy!3.994.25 oz
Second Nature BrandsKar'sFavorites Mix with M&M'sKar's Favorites Mix features M&M's® Peanut Butter Candies, Peanut Candies & Milk Chocolate Candies, roasted & salted peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, & tart dried cranberries. This trail mix is Gluten Free, Kosher & comes in a resealable pouch for freshness. Also available in a 5 oz. bag for $ oz
KrackCorn, LLCKrackCornKrackCorn With Cheese! PopcornA light and crunchy popcorn with half caramel, and half cheddar cheese all mixed on every single kernel! 5.998.5 oz
Belle's Gourmet PopcornBelle's Gourmet PopcornLemon Meringue PopcornOur signature kettle corn topped with white chocolatey drizzle and infused with lemon extract to create a yummy dessert-like snack. You've heard of Lemon Meringue pie, but have you heard of Lemon Meringue popcorn? We are bringing a new spin to the flavor that will leave customers wanting more. 5.994.5 oz
AlegoriAlegoriLemon Salt ChurritosLemon Salt Churritos made of Amaranth flour, wheat flour, canola oil and spices.2.333.52 oz
Oberto Snacks, Inc.Don Chancho'sOriginal Fried Pork RindsDon Chancho’s are here to kick the pork rinds category in the tastebuds. With other brands, “Original flavor” is just a synonym for "mild and boring." Not with Don Chancho’s. Our pork rinds are completely coated in salty, savory seasoning that make everyone else's product seem bland by by comparison4.994 oz
Belle's Gourmet PopcornBelle's Gourmet PopcornPeanut Butter Crunch PopcornOur signature kettle corn coated with peanut butter, drizzled with chocolatey goodness and topped with crushed peanut pieces to provide a satisfying crunch. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure that the customer has a memorable experience.5.994.5 oz
POSHIPOSHIPitted Green Olives Original FlavorEasy-Packed Premium Green Pitted Olives
Harvested at the peak of ripeness, Poshi Premium Green Pitted Olives blend the perfect balance of taste and convenience, offering a true olive experience at your fingertips!
Ready to Eat | Liquid Free | No Mess
1.491.1 oz
SimplyProteinSimplyProteinRestaurant-Style Protein Tortilla Chips (Hint of Lime)Wait, can a tortilla corn chip that is plant-based AND a good source of protein still be loaded with the kind of taste that belies its goodness? You bet it can. So go ahead, snack away. Share away. And best of all, put the guilt away.
- 7 g of Protein per serving
- Gluten Free
- Kosher Certified
4.994.58 oz
SimplyProteinSimplyProteinRestaurant-Style Protein Tortilla Chips (Sea Salt)Wait, can a tortilla corn chip that is plant-based AND a good source of protein still be loaded with the kind of taste that belies its goodness? You bet it can. So go ahead, snack away. Share away. And best of all, put the guilt away.
- 7 g of Protein per serving
- Gluten Free
- Kosher Certified
4.994.58 oz
Volpi FoodsVolpi FoodsRoltini Singles with Pepper Jack and Genoa SalamePremium Pepper Jack cheese wrapped with thinly sliced salame for a natural and filling on-the-go snack.2.391.5 oz
SkinnyDippedSkinnyDippedSalty + Sweet Cinnamon Crunch CashewsDive into this nutty & balanced blend of Salty & Sweet Cinnamon Crunch Cashews! Some are addictively salty. Some are glazed in cinnamon sweetness. Like your favorite childhood cereal, but stays crunchy. Enjoy a hit of protein and not a lot of sugar. Snack with no strings attached.6.494 oz
SkinnyDippedSkinnyDippedSalty + Sweet Maple Crunch AlmondsDive into a nutty & balanced blend of Salty & Sweet Maple Crunch Almonds! Some are addictively salty. Some are glazed in maple sweetness. Think maple glazed donut, but crunchy and with a bit of sea salt. Enjoy a hit of protein and not a lot of sugar. Snack with no strings attached.6.494 oz
SkinnyDippedSkinnyDippedSalty + Sweet Vanilla Crunch AlmondsDive into this nutty & balanced blend of Salty & Sweet Vanilla Crunch Almonds! Some are addictively salty. Some are glazed in vanilla sweetness. Like a vanilla wafer, but crunchier. Enjoy a hit of protein and not a lot of sugar. Snack with no strings attached.5.494 oz
OMG! PretzelsOMG! PretzelsSalty Butterscotch Gourmet Seasoned Sourdough PretzelsTastebuds deserve a revolution, not repetition. A unique blend of warm caramel and salty notes boasts a 2-note tasting experience. Made from family recipes without artificial ingredients, and a light, airy crunch, ours are the only authentically-aged seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets on the market.8.996.5 oz
Gourmet Kingdom IncGourmet Kingdom Sea Salt & Black Pepper Corn Gourmet kingdom’s Sea Salt & Black Pepper Corn is a crunchy and delicious snack flavored with a savory bold seasoning and made with premium corn kernels. 2.994 oz
Go a Little Nuts!Go A Little Nuts!Shelled WalnutsMaking lunches can get boring and time consuming. That's why we made 1-ounce snack packs for the whole family's lunch! These are the perfect portion and easy to throw in everyone's lunchbox. They make an easy and healthy snack for walnut lovers of all ages!11 oz
BITES OF TANGBITES OF TANGSour Cream & Onion Flavored Rice CrispWe are the pioneering brand to introduce a beloved Asian snack to North America’s mainstream snack market. Our unique, waffle-shaped rice crisps: a novelty in the US and Canadian snack scenes come in a variety of flavors to delight both Asian and North American tastes.2.853.25 oz
Like AirLike AirSour Cream & Onion PuffcornIntroducing Like Air Sour Cream & Onion Puffcorn, a healthier take on the beloved potato chip flavor! The snack allows consumers to enjoy 3 full cups of melt-in-your-mouth puffcorn per serving compared to only 10-15 potato chips! BETTER THAN POPCORN and loved by the Sharks on Shark Tank!6.9914 oz
RivalzRivalz Stuffed Snacks, Late Night PizzaRivalz Stuffed Snacks are nutrient-dense versions of those salty snacks you hate to love, with 8g plant-based protein, 4g fiber and 9 Net Carbs. With veggies as their first ingredient, they contain 7 essential vitamins and minerals, and no artificial flavors, added sugars or preservatives.5.491 oz
Stuckey'sStuckey'sSweet and Salty PecansWith less sugar and our signature crunch, customers will enjoy these Georgia grown pecans. The perfect balance between indulgence and satisfaction, Sweet and Salty Pecans are perfect for sharing or solo enjoyment!5.994 oz
Setton Pistachio/Setton FarmsSetton FarmsTajin Seasoned Pistachio KernelsPrepare for a delightful burst of flavor. We've combined our family's premium California pistachios with authentic Tajin Clasico seasoning, made from natural chili peppers, lime and sea salt. Shelled and seasoned with this famous spice, our Chili & Lime Pistachios make a nutritious snack choice.7.995 oz
Artisan TropicArtisan TropicTomato Herb Grain Free CrackersOrganic Grain Free Crackers made with regenerative plantain flour.5.994.25 oz
The Daily CraveThe Daily CraveUtopea-ah! Pea Chips, Dreamy RanchStep into a world where you can indulge on your favorite snack while getting 7g of protein per serving. Utopea-ah! is made with yellow peas & seasoned to tasty perfection. This unique snack is curly, wavy, crispy & crunchy giving you the ultimate snacking experience - scoop 'em, dip 'em, dunk 'em!4.994 oz