ExhibitorBrandProductInnovation StatementPriceWeightPhotoAward
Our HomeYOU NEED THISHot Cheddar FriesMade for Gen Z & Millennials, our fries deliver ridiculously good taste at a great value WITHOUT junk. Hot Cheddar Fries fill a gap for spicy snacks that are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. The category lacks an easy-to-eat social snack & the hot cheddar flavor aligns with popular flavor profiles.3.995.5 oz2024 Winner
PepsiCo FoodsDoritos DinamitaSmoky Chile Queso69% of Gen Z say they crave a snack that is not only spicy but has multidimensional flavor as well. With a mix of green chile & smoky cheese paired with a crispy crunch & medium heat, our new Dinamita Smoky Chile Queso sticks are here to deliver on that Gen Z craving & change the intense snack game!6.299 oz2024 Winner
Simply Good Foods CompanyQuest®Cheese Crackers Spicy CheddarIntroducing Quest Spicy Cheddar Cheese Crackers – a spicy twist on the cheesy crackers you know and love. These crunchy, protein-rich crackers are packed with flavor and spice to give you the heat & delicious taste you want without the carbs you don’t.
-10g Protein
-5g Net Carbs
2.791.06 oz2024 Finalist
We Are NutsWe Are NutsGinger Turmeric Honey PeanutsOrganic Ginger & Turmeric Root, Lemons, Thai Chili Peppers fermented in Mason Jars filled with raw pure honey-layered over Georgia peanuts with our famous toffee coating. Convenient on-the-go jar for joyful sharing experiences. 10 UPSPW, incremental, merchandisable, high protein snacking. Taste=Win8.9910 oz2024 Finalist
Bad Monkey Popcorn Inc.Bad Monkey Popcorn Inc. Heat N' Eat™ Sweet & Salty PopcornIt is the World's first ever heatable popcorn bag that is 100% compostable (no plastic at all). The popcorn inside the bag is pre-popped and seasoned. You can put the bag directly into an oven, microwave and warmer. The result is hot, crunchy, popcorn - just like at the movie theatre.3.493.52 oz2024 Finalist
OMG! PretzelsOMG! PretzelsLemon Pepper Gourmet Seasoned Sourdough PretzelsTastebuds deserve a revolution not repetition. A unique blend of fresh citrus and savory pepper boasts a 2-note tasting experience. Made from family recipes without artificial ingredients and a light, airy crunch, ours are the only authentically-aged seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets on the market.8.996.5 oz2024 Finalist
Utz Quality FoodsBoulder CanyonCanyon Poppers - Aged White CheddarIntroducing the latest trail companion for your outdoor adventures, Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Aged White Cheddar Canyon Poppers! Crafted in the spirit of Boulder, Colorado, since 1994, these snacks embody the essence of a life well-lived outdoors.4.295.25 oz
Cheddies CrackersCheddies CrackersCheddies Chili LimeBaked with Fresh Cheese
• Irresistible Crunch
• 4X as much Cheese as leading brands
• 6g of Protein per serving
• 4X the Calcium as leading brands
• Our Cheese supports Regenerative Farmlands
2.492 oz
Gourmet Kingdom IncGourmet Kingdom Chili Lemon Corn SnacksGourmet Kingdom’s Chili Lemon Corn is a crunchy and delicious snack flavored with a spicy, zesty seasoning and made with premium corn kernels. 2.994 oz
Todd's Better Snacks / Egg-Cellent Protein PuffsTodd's Better SnacksEgg-Cellent Protein Puffs - BBQ FlavorEgg-Cellent Protein Puffs are a better-for-you snack that deliver on taste and crunch! On-the-go protein options are no longer limited to protein bars or jerky. Available in single and multi-serve sizes and 4 cravable flavors. We utilize the goodness of natures highest quality protein - egg whites!4.992.5 oz
Hain CelestialGarden Veggie SnacksFlavor Burst Tortilla Chips, NachoFrom the makers of Veggie Straws, Flavor Burst is the FIRST kid-loved, parent approved flavored tortilla chip; addressing an unmet need for family fun tortilla chips. Most BFY tortilla options are adult focused. Flavor Burst is certified GF & combines veggies, non-GMO corn with no artificial flavors3.996 oz
PepsiCo FoodsMinisFunyuns Flamin' HotThese aren't your ordinary onion rings. The deliciously tasty, crisp texture & zesty onion flavor, packed with a heat that bites back! A tasty treat that’s fun to eat, now in mini size, perfect for on-the-go snacking! 3.492.8 oz
Pecan NationPecan NationHoney Roasted PecansOur new Honey Roasted Pecans are like nothing you've ever tasted before. We tumble our signature fresh pecans in pure honey and a pinch of salt, then slow-roast them to perfection. You won’t believe just three simple ingredients could come together to create these incredibly flavorful pecans.4.994 oz
Century Snacks – Snak ClubSnak ClubHot Ones™ Hot Habanero Snack MixInspired by Hot Ones™ Los Calientes Rojo® Hot Sauce, Hot Habanero flavor features blend of tongue tingling medium-hot heat and tropical fruit on mix of peanuts, pretzels, sesame sticks, toasted corn & cashews. The hit interview series has loyal following of 16MM followers & 11+MM YouTube subscribers6.4910 oz
Century Snacks – Snak ClubSnak ClubHot Ones™ Smoky Sweet Snack MixInspired by Hot Ones™ Los Calientes Verde® Hot Sauce, Smoky Sweet flavor features a medium heat blend of chiles, sweet fruit, & tart tomatillo on mix of peanuts, pretzels, sesame sticks, toasted corn, cashews. The hit interview series has loyal following of 16MM followers & 11+MM YouTube subscribers6.4910 oz
Inka CropsSmashed Giant Inka Corn Chips with Sea SaltOur tostones, made from fine Peruvian Giant Corn, blend tradition with flavor for a perfect crunch. They're gluten-free, NON-GMO, and low in saturated fats. ​3.994 oz
Confetti Snacks, Inc.Confetti SnacksLovely Vegetable Chips, Teriyaki BBQ Grilled umami notes of Japanese Teriyaki Spices seasoned on baked crunchy slices of okra, carrots, radishes, shiitake mushrooms and purple sweet potato for perfectly grilled snack made from real upcycled wholesome veggies, impact driven to fight food waste & hunger. Vegan, GF, Halal. 4.992.5 oz
Our HomePopchipsNachoPopchips Nacho fills a gap in the cheese-flavored better for you potato chip category with a dairy-free, vegan nacho flavor that’s bold and delicious. Popchips is non-GMO, gluten-free, and has 50% less fat than fried chips.3.995 oz
Wonderful PistachiosWonderful PistachiosNo Shells Jalapeño Lime Grab a handful of these tasty pistachios when you’re feeling spicy. Jalapeño Lime Wonderful Pistachios No Shells combine bold jalapeño and sea salt with a twist of lime. Perfect for snackin’, they’re also a good source of protein.4.992.25 oz
Alli & RoseThe SnakYardOrganic Sweet Potato Sticks Just when you thought this product couldn’t get any more perfect. The new Organic Sweet Potato Sticks are not only a seriously delicious good for you snack, they’re also now good for the planet. Still made with just 1 ingredient, vegan and individually packed for easy on-the-go snacking.11.9917 oz
Setton Pistachio/Setton FarmsSetton FarmsPistachio Pub MixWe've taken bar snacks to the next level. Our premium Buffalo Wing seasoned pistachio kernels mingle perfectly with ranch corn nuts, honey sesame chips and hickory almonds. Together, they're a delicious snack to complement any thirst quenching beverage.7.995 oz
CrackerologyCrackerologyRed Wine & Rosemary Snackable KitOur snackable size Crackerology Kits are tailored for convenience, offering a delightful culinary experience in a compact package. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment at wineries or events. Kit comes with red wine & rosemary crackers, cheese, and jam for a charcuterie experience. Shelf-stable.103.8 oz
SimplyProteinSimplyProteinRestaurant-Style Protein Tortilla Chips (Hint of Habanero)Wait, can a tortilla corn chip that is plant-based AND a good source of protein still be loaded with the kind of taste that belies its goodness? You bet it can. So go ahead, snack away. Share away. And best of all, put the guilt away.
- 7 g of Protein per serving
- Gluten Free
- Kosher Certified
4.994.58 oz
Blue Mountain FoodsBlue Mountain FoodsRosemary PecansOur rosemary pecans are the perfect nut in its finest flavor. Who would imagine such a combination could taste so good?
Not to mention it is a very healthy snack. Go ahead and enjoy.
4.993.53 oz
IRVINSIRVINSSalted Egg Salmon SkinIRVINS is the first manufacturer of its kind to use upcycled salmon skin paired with salted duck egg yolks to create a "dangerously addictive (TM)" snacking experience. We're Singapore's best-selling salted egg snack brand - packed with Omega-3s, marine collagen, and 9g of protein per serving.9.993.7 oz
Jackson’sJackson'sSweet Potato Wavy Chips, Cheddar & Sour Cream Jackson's Cheddar & Sour Cream Wavy Chips: Rich, dairy-free goodness in every bite. Made with sweet potatoes, avocado oil, and epic seasonings. Non-GMO, allergen-free, and bursting with flavor!4.491 oz