Building a Great Checkout Experience

Top retailers make almost $100 per day per store more than the average retailer in profitable front-of-store sales. What are top retailers doing to drive unplanned purchases in-store? This session will share examples of what best-in-class merchandising looks like for large and small format retailers across all pay points and provide practical tips for driving confectionery and snack sales.


May 25 2022


11:30 am - 12:20 pm


Destination Front-End


  • Cam Cloeter
    Cam Cloeter
    Principle & Founder, Lighting For Impact

    Before founding Impulse Marketing, Cam Cloeter served several companies including Coca-Cola USA, Mars Wrigley, Time Warner, Viacom and Source Interlink in various leadership roles throughout his career. He founded Impulse Marketing Co. (IMC) in 2002 and co-founded Lighting for Impact in 2012 to help retailers and suppliers optimize checkout category performance. Cam regularly uses his expertise in in-store merchandising analytics and insights to create custom merchandising solutions. He is recognized as an expert in front-of-store merchandising and frequently speaks at industry events.

  • Graham Cloeter
    Graham Cloeter
    Partner, Impulse Marketing

    Graham Cloeter is a partner at Impulse Marketing Co. For nearly two decades, Impulse Marketing has helped retailers and brands develop strategies to create a better checkout experience and drive immediate consumption sales. IMC’s analytical approach to merchandising provides retailers and brands with insight into how shoppers transact, what they expect to find at checkout and how best to create holistic solutions that maximize both shopper experience and conversion.

  • Lance Oelke
    Lance Oelke
    Managing Partner, Complete Fixture Solutions
  • Marlow Nickell
    Marlow Nickell
    Co-Founder, GroceryTV
  • Tim Barnes
    Tim Barnes
    National Account Executive, True Manufacturing