Managing Effective Front-End Merchandising Programs with Wakefern

The checkout aisle is a complex, rapidly changing space, and as such, leading retailers are changing how they manage and collaborate across internal and external stakeholders to create a great experience for their shoppers and drive sales at checkout. This session will share best practices for creating effective front-end merchandising, discuss how retailers are overcoming current challenges in the space and provide an overview of what key players are planning for the future.


May 25 2022


9:30 am - 10:20 am


Destination Front-End


  • Graham Cloeter
    Graham Cloeter
    Partner, Impulse Marketing

    Graham Cloeter is a partner at Impulse Marketing Co. For nearly two decades, Impulse Marketing has helped retailers and brands develop strategies to create a better checkout experience and drive immediate consumption sales. IMC’s analytical approach to merchandising provides retailers and brands with insight into how shoppers transact, what they expect to find at checkout and how best to create holistic solutions that maximize both shopper experience and conversion.

  • Joseph Guzman
    Non-Perishable Merchandising Manager, Wakefern