State of the Front-End

The front of a store is one of the most important areas for sales, and this critical area is under rapid change and tremendous pressure to better meet shopper demand. Attendees will learn the latest developments on the front-end from category sales trends to merchandising best practices and what’s in store for the future of front-end.


May 26 2022


8:15 am - 8:55 am


Eye-Opener Room 183B


  • Cam Cloeter
    Cam Cloeter
    Principal & Founder, Impulse Marketing

    Before founding Impulse Marketing, Cam Cloeter served several companies including Coca-Cola USA, Mars Wrigley, Time Warner, Viacom and Source Interlink in various leadership roles throughout his career. He founded Impulse Marketing Co. (IMC) in 2002 and co-founded Lighting for Impact in 2012 to help retailers and suppliers optimize checkout category performance. Cam regularly uses his expertise in in-store merchandising analytics and insights to create custom merchandising solutions. He is recognized as an expert in front-of-store merchandising and frequently speaks at industry events.