State of Treating

Candy was an absolute powerhouse in 2021 with record sales and improved consumer engagement. The candy seasons were tremendously successful while everyday sales remained strong. Will 2022 pick up where 2021 left off? This session presents the National Confectioners Association’s signature State of Treating research to give attendees a deeper understanding of the how, the what and the why behind candy’s success story. This report combines consumer research with the latest retail data to pinpoint continued pockets of growth for 2022.  



May 25 2022


8:15 am - 8:55 am


Eye-Opener Room 183C


  • Anne-Marie Roerink
    Anne-Marie Roerink
    President, 210 Analytics

    Anne-Marie Roerink is the president of 210 Analytics, a market research firm specializing in food retailing. Working closely with retailers, wholesalers, producers and trade associations, Anne-Marie has developed an excellent perspective on the ever-changing wants and needs of the consumer in a one-size-fits-no-one world. Prior to founding 210 Analytics, Anne-Marie was the head of research for the Food Marketing Institute. Anne-Marie supports NCA with the development of its annual State of Treating report, along with studies in chocolate, seasonal confectionery, monthly performance reports and more.