The Future of Checkout with Standard AI

More than ever, shoppers are demanding a seamless checkout experience. This session will review how retailers are adapting front-of-store transaction spaces, share what’s in store for the future and offer ideas on how to continue to drive unplanned purchases.


May 24 2022


11:30 am - 12:20 pm


Destination Front-End


  • Michael Suswal
    Michael Suswal

    Michael Suswal is co-founder and chief business officer of Standard AI, which is eliminating the hassle of retail checkout by removing it entirely. Michael leads the company’s outreach to retailers around the world. Prior to co-founding Standard, Michael was a program manager for the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, where he led a team that developed technology to help prevent fraud in high-frequency trading. Previously, Michael co-founded game developer Pwnee Studios and worked in strategy and development roles for several other startups.

  • Mindy Asper Weith
    Mindy Asper Weith
    Partner, Impulse Marketing

    Mindy Asper Weith is a partner at Impulse Marketing Co. For nearly two decades, Impulse Marketing has helped retailers and brands develop strategies to create a better checkout experience and drive immediate consumption sales. IMC’s analytical approach to merchandising provides retailers and brands with insight into how shoppers transact, what they expect to find at checkout and how best to create holistic solutions that maximize both shopper experience and conversion. An entrepreneur at heart, Mindy has a passion for finding new, innovative solutions for retail challenges as proven by her many roles at early-stage companies as an executive, advisor and founder.