The Sweet Spot for Millennials and Gen Z

As Millennials and Gen Z enter new life stages, the big question is whether they will mirror behaviors of past generations or bring unique demands that require the confections and snack industries to retool their thinking. This session dives into the categories and motivations that drive consumption for these generations at snacking and treating occasions. Attendees will be armed with information to guide the right messaging and product assortment that best fit the needs of these generations on the rise.


May 25 2022


3:00 pm - 3:50 pm


Insights Stage


  • Darren Seifer
    Darren Seifer
    Food & Beverage Industry Analyst, The NPD Group

    Darren Seifer is The NPD Group’s industry analyst for the food and foodservice industries and a contributing author of NPD’s annual “Eating Patterns in America” report, a compilation of all the food and foodservice research the company conducts over the year. Since joining NPD in 2007, Darren has provided insights based on NPD’s food-related research to organizations and companies across the country and has authored a number of food and beverage research reports that cover a wide range of food-related topics. Darren is also a contributing writer for several food and beverage trade publications.