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Health Experts:

It’s Safe To Resume Domestic Travel

“People who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel safely within the United States. Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to get tested before or after travel … [and] do not need to self-quarantine.”

CDC Guidance, “Domestic Travel During COVID-19
April 2, 2021

Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Indoors with Others Who are Vaccinated

“[This] recommendation [seeks] to balance … the impact on community transmission against the benefit of “getting back to some of the things that we love in life” for those who are inoculated.”

Rachel Wolensky, CDC Director
Washington Post
March 8, 2021

Steps Everyone Can Take to Make Large Gatherings Safer

“Wear a mask with two or more layers and stay at least 6 feet away from people who do live with you.”

CDC Guidance, “Large Gatherings
February 18, 2021

Government and Convention Center Officials:

Indianapolis to extend mask mandate, even as Indiana loosens restrictions

“The greater Indianapolis area will not lift its mask mandate nor remove capacity restrictions until health officials in Marion County call for an end to the public health order brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Joe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis
Press conference
March 25, 2021

ICC Invests Millions into Safety Upgrades

“We’ve taken this pandemic very seriously and been proactive in putting $7 million in new health and safety upgrades into the Indiana Convention Center. That, in turn, has helped give confidence in meeting planners. We’ve had more than 30 events in the last half of 2020 convene in person in a safe environment in Indianapolis.”

Chris Gahl, Senior Vice President of Visit Indy
Inside Indiana Business
January 6, 2021