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Customer experience is expecte d to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator\, yet many retailers and CPG brands have yet to tap into this potential. Leverage th e customer experience ecosystem to understand how integrating the digital and human elements of the in-store experience\, and applying best-in-class strategies from other industries\, can provide a competitive advantage.


Present ed by: Sarah Tarraf\, Director of Customer Exper ience\, Gongos Inc.

Sarah Tarraf has worked in research and analyt ics for over a decade\, in both a market research and academic capacity. S ince joining Gongos in 2010\, Sarah has led the Analytics &\; Marketing Sciences group\, while acting as Statistical An alyst and Statistical Consultant to clients. She currently leads the compa ny’\;s Customer Experience practice\, devising functional strategies that link to the entire ecosystem of customer insights. Sarah is particula rly interested in leveraging methodologies and the intersection of technol ogy and analytics to harmonize the ‘\;what’\; that is happening on the ground with the ‘\;why’\; that is impacting experience.